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March 2000 Update

Here are a few more photos of me...

1) Me prior to one of my sessions (summer '98)

I look so damn cute!

2) Me prior to another session (summer '98) "Christa the Athletic Girl"

3) Here we go again! I always love to muck up a nice soft sweater...

4) cake batter dumped all over my head!!!

My sweater is destroyed!

5) What a mess! This really takes the cake!

6) Some of my earliest photos (summer 1994)

First is me in a pair of shortalls,

Second in a bright, colorful one-piece bathing suit,

Third, fulfilling a life-long fantasy to be a prom queen!

(the dress is actually hot pink, not red like it looks in the photo.)

7) Last but not least... Before I started taking photos of myself,

I drew pictures of me dressed as a female.

This is a drawing of me dressed as "Melissa" (one of my earliest names)

from summer 1992. The hair was based on a picture in a wig catalog;

I bought the wig shortly thereafter. I have since gotten a fur jacket to match

the one in this "fantasy picture." Dreams really do come true.

This page hastily slapped together on March 4, 2000.