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Kimberly & Donna Pie-Fight Comic Kimberly With Cake

Here is a eight-page comic that I drew featuring a couple of girls throwing pies at each other and making a big mess. What more could you ask for? Presented in "Full Blazing Color" for your enjoyment. © 2001 Kelli-Lisa

On to the messy pictures of me! The following pictures were taken over the last 3 years and feature me covered in everything from cream pies to yogurt to chocolate cake batter. I hope have as much fun looking at them as I did making them! Let the pie throwing begin!

(#1) Samantha

This is Samantha. She is a 17-year old sex kitten. Samantha's class at school has decided to hold a pie sale to raise money for a class trip. However, as the day ends and many perfectly good pies sit unsold on the table, Samantha's friends have a devious idea...

The once-lovely Samantha is in total shock as she realizes what has just happened to her! Her friends then pull out a camera to record the moment; one which Sammy will probably never be able to live down!

(#2) Lori-Ann

Lori-Ann is a tall, quiet and very beautiful girl. Her one fault is that she has a superiority complex. This being the case, she often falls prey to dares. Today Lori-Ann has made a bet with her best friend Mona. Whoever get the highest grade on the final exam wins; the winner will get to hit the loser with several pies, and then the loser must dump an entire carton of strawberry yogurt over her own head! The professor hands back the exams. Mona has received a 90! Lori-Ann isn't worried, though; and acts very smug as she eagerly awaits mushing a pie into Mona's face. But Lori-Ann looks at the grade on her paper and turns a deathly white! An 89! This can't be happening! Mona cracks a wicked grin as she awaits the big payoff!

Lori-Ann's perfect hair is covered with goo! Her dress is ruined! And she's been totally humilated in front of the whole school! Mona is laughing so hard her belly aches. Lori-Ann wipes the disgusting muck from her face, vowing never again to take a dare!

(#3) Christa

Christa is a member of the high shool cross-counrty running team. It is traditional for teammates to play practical jokes on each other. In this case, the victim is a sweet young sophomore named Christa. She is totally unaware that the other girls on her team are filling up the pie shells and preparing the cans of shaving cream in the clubhouse right now...

Needless to say, Christa is in for quite a surprise!

As humilitaing as the whole ordeal is, Christa finds herself aroused as almost a dozen girls cover her with the soft, white cream. Christa begins to caress herself with the foam, running her hands over her own breasts and up and down her jacket sleeves.

Close ups & Other Stuff

And, I've saved the best for last...

Hope you enjoyed it! I know I sure did! By the way, all the pies used here were made from plain yogurt mixed with tempra paint. The shells were ready-made no-bake crusts. And all the wigs and clothes washed up without a stain! (Altough some of the clean up was a ton of work!) All in all, not a bad "faux custard pie" recipe if I do say so myself. Until next time,

- Kelli-Lisa Bradley, Wet-and-messy transvestite extrordinaire!

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Kelli-Lisa's January '99 Gunging!

Here are the results of my latest messy undertaking, thrown together (no pun intended) rather quickly upon learning I had the house alone for the day. I wore a sexy white PVC strapless dress and wore my hair (my REAL hair this time!) up in long, fluffy pigtails. I bought some strawberry yogurt, chocolate syrup, and a pie...you can guess what happened next!!! Enjoy!

Well, sad to say the dress was ruined, but a small price to pay for such a sweet sensation! Hopefully I will get the chance for messy fun sometime again soon!

UPDATE: May '99 - The Cheerleader Gunging!

Another gunging, this time dressed as a cheerleader! I took numerous pies in the face and several on the head, and my embroidered uniform top and mini-skirt got totally pie covered! Cheerleaders are always so pretty and popular...just the kind you would like to see hit with cream pies! All in all, I made a tremendous mess and had a great time being the Messy Cheerleader!

UPDATE: Aug. 2001 - Another Cheerleader Pie-ing!

Once again, dressed as a cheerleader, I had the supreme pleasure of being covered with pie after pie! Beautiful banana cream pies, thrown in my face...sweet yellow pie filling pouring down the front of my clean blue-and-white sweater. Broken pie crust covering my face and totally messing up my hair.

UPDATE: Oct. 2001 - Summer Girl Gets Pied!

She's at it again! Nothing's more fun that a little pie-in-the-face action, so here we go again! Dressed for a hot summer day, Kelli covers herself with a half-dozen pies, making a complete and total mess of herself.

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