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Welcome to my little pie page! Here you will find a couple of pie-in-the-face comics that I have drawn over the last few years, as well as a couple of pie & mess photos from my collection. I haven't had a lot of time lately to draw any more of these, but I'd love to do more someday! You may copy and distribute these pages freely as long as they are not changed or altered. Please put them on your wet-and-messy page! They may not be here forever! Enjoy, and keep on throwin' those pies!

UPDATE May 2003: Added a few new messy comics!

May 2003 Messy Comic Additions

Kimberly And Donna's Big Kitchen Pie Fight (full color comic!)

Silent Cream (full color comic!)

Suzanne And Jennifer's Pieshop Disaster (black-and-white comic)

The Weather Lady Gets Pied (black-and-white comic)

Photos of a Shaving Cream Fight (photographs)

Donna the Teacher Gets Pied (photograph)

Pretty Girl Gets Pied! (Cartoon Animated GIF)

Man And Woman Pie Each Other (Cartoon Animated GIF)

Messy Photos of Kelli-Lisa!(Link updated November 2001)

A Few Wet-And-Messy links

About Kelli-Lisa Bradley...

I am a 30-year old straight male cross-dresser and lifelong pie and mess fan. The ultimate thrill for me is to be hit with pies dressed as a beautiful woman! Sound strange? I'm not the only one... I also love being covered in chocolate syrup, pudding, spaghetti sauce, whipped cream and just about any other messy thing, always dressed as a lady! I live at home, and it's very hard to have the house to myself, so my wet-and-messy adventures are all too infrequent. Luckily, I have never been caught. My folks know about my cross-dressing, but it's never been mentioned since the day they found out. Guess it's probably time to move out soon...

I have been cross-dressing since I was 5, and I've also been a pie fan since that young age! My first wet-and-messy experiences were covering myself with mud. Around 12, I began cross-dressing frequently, and got my first shaving-cream pie in the face! In the late '80s, I loved dressing up and getting green slime poured all over me. Later, I discoved the joys of pudding, real pies, and chocolate! My main interest these days is cross-dressing, and I'm proud to say that I've grown into quite a lovely "young lady!" But I still love to see a gorgeous woman get pied, gunged, or slimed (especially when she's me!)


Dressy and messy forever,


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